Seeing many ways

Thinking about the mind… it is both an essential tool for our daily lives and an obstacle to seeing things clearly.  When I am coaching people or consulting companies my biggest challenge is to help them see that there is more than one way of ‘seeing’ what is happening around them.  Most of us sit with our own personal view as if it is Truth and have a hard time getting beyond that.  It is like getting stuck in hard, worn & deep ski tracks when cross country skiing. Somehow we can’t seem to pick up our skis to find a less used or easier path.  That’s when our wonderful mind provides a challenge to our forward movement.  It actually creates a negative place that doesn’t need to be there because with another view the problem doesn’t exist.  Kind of interesting what the mind does for us….




OK, so I’ve taken the leap and am putting my thoughts down for anyone to see.  To not keep them to myself.  And then one would wonder why do I want to look at ‘where the mind goes’?  Good question.  I sit on a cushion every day and to a certain extent I watch my mind or I watch the thoughts that come to my mind as I sit in quiet.  Among other things I’m learning to train my mind…teaching it to be quiet, to not run away with distracting thoughts, to observe my surroundings, to be present.  Interesting to think about where the mind goes in these situations.  Then one has to ask, what IS the mind exactly?